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Aulis Publishers has been publishing for over 20 years and provides a flexible outlet for unconventional books, videos and DVDs. Each Aulis publication is intended to promote a greater understanding of life and our relationship with the world around us.

Aulis specialises in works that 'fly in the face' of orthodoxy and established thought. Its aim is to present alternative ideas, to stimulate fresh thinking and discuss new ways of viewing the future. At a time of great change many of us are ready to expand our horizons and stretch our brains – thinking differently 'out of the box'.

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Lana's video is presented by a student, for students with an introduction by Tony Buzan. This award-winning video is enjoyable, effective and memorable. There are many examples of Mind Maps¨ and detailed demonstrations on exactly how to Mind Map¨ with pauses to allow you to practice your own technique.

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Available from Aulis Online
Running Time 60 mins approx
A Filmedia Production in Association with BrainPower for Kids Inc
Presented by Lana Israel
Introduction by Tony Buzan
Written by Lana Israel, Tony Buzan, Richard Carlyon
Produced by David S Percy
Directed by Sheldon Greenberg

Distributed from London – See The Belsize Story

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