Mind Mapping – a Valuable Graphic Technique

Mind Mapping is a valuable graphic technique for representing ideas, using words, images, symbols and color. It is something that will increase the quality of your thinking and help you to do better in your studies, tests and exams. Mind Mapping¨ is a breakthrough system of note-taking that enables you to revise in less time with greater success. Mind Maps¨ store information in a format that you will find easy to remember.

Revision is a pushover when you use Mind Mapping
It's cool to Mind Map

Your Mind Maps will help you to organize information from books, your classes and lectures. Creating your own Mind Maps is exciting and great fun while at the same time increasing your memory and learning abilities. This technique will give you the freedom to roam the infinite expanses of your brain.

Exams Mind Map Basic Mind Map

Our brains love color and imagery
Originated in the late 1960s by Tony Buzan, Mind Maps are now used by millions of people around the world – from the very young to the very old – by those wishing to use their brains more effectively.

Pass All Your Exams The skills taught in this program can be applied to most situations that involve any learning or thinking. As a student: remembering; note taking; note making; essay writing; making presentations; tests and exams. And as an individual: planning; to do 'lists'; projects; communicating; organizing; problem analyzing and problem solving.

"I give this DVD nine out of ten."
KP, London UK – age 13
"What's good about this DVD is that it walks you through how to Mind Map for your exams."
FM, London – age 15

What is a Mind Map?
A Mind Map is a graphic technique for representing ideas, using words, images, symbols and color. Tony Buzan, the creator of the concept of mental literacy developed the technique. Mind Mapping¨ is based on patterns found in nature and research on how we think and use our minds. You don't have to be an artist to learn Mind Mapping¨. Anybody can do it. Mind Mapping¨ enables you to manifest your thoughts in a way that reflects the whole picture, capturing enormous amounts of information on one piece of paper.

Mind Map of Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping helps you to see relationships, connections and patterns in your ideas – thereby improving your efficiency.

"It's exciting to see her take a concept like Mind Mappingand make it
understandable for children. I think Lana will change the world."
Former CEO Apple Computer Inc

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Learn from Lana Israel
Pass Exams At an early age Lana read one of Tony Buzan's books about a learning skill – Mind Mapping. This method sounded great, but did it really work? Well, that year as part of her school science project, she conducted tests with her classmates on these special learning techniques. The project itself turned out to be really great, in fact teachers, students and parents came up to her with questions about this new method. These techniques gave Lana more free time to do the things that everyone likes to do. And these new skills helped her spend fewer hours studying, while getting better grades!

This technique can work for you as well. You too can get your grades and Ace your Exams! Mind Mapping¨ is a unique way of organizing your thoughts, it's entirely different to the way you normally learn. This video will teach you the very groundbreaking technique originally developed by Tony Buzan.

How does this technique work?
Pass Your Exams When you buy a new computer you get instructions on how to use it. You have the most incredible bio-computer in the world, your brain, but where's the operations manual? In the past decade or so there have been tremendous breakthroughs dealing with the brain. Researchers have determined that, on average, we use less than 1% of our brains – a surprisingly low figure.

Key Words
When you read or study lengthy books you will often find they cover just a few main points. This is because books are full of 'padding'. They contain additional words and information that may support and explain the main ideas, but are certainly not key to them. Your schoolbooks are like this as well. They are written in a line-like linear structure, in which a lot of non-key words are present. Key words are the 'meat' of the sentence. They express the main idea or point that the author wishes to convey. However, once you have comprehended the sentence, chapter or book, only key words are needed to enable you recall the information.

Mind Map

Mind Mapping Just like the saying, a picture on your Mind Map¨ is worth a thousand words. One picture can represent an entire concept or idea and serves as an effective trigger of information. Pictures appeal to your 'right brain', and enable you to bring different mental areas into your studies. Images have also been proven to help you recall information, because they are unique, visually appealing, and are very symbolic. You will learn to use one color for each branch or for information related to a specific idea. This process creates more organization in your notes and helps you relate similar information drawn in the same color.

The Tools
Mind Mapping requires a few tools, namely colored pens or pencils and a pad of paper. Lana uses a single pen containing ten colors. In the video you will learn that color is a very important part of Mind Mapping, so if you ever take notes in black and white, remember afterwards to add color. You will also see that it's best to Mind Map¨ on plain white paper without lines and the pad placed in horizontal or landscape format.

Study and Revision
Mind Map While creating a Mind Map¨ is a form of study, revising your notes is also an important aspect of studying. It isn't necessary to study for hours and hours at a time, in fact this is counter-productive. Instead, you will learn in the video you just need to study smart.

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How to use Lana's DVD

To get the greatest benefit from the course, you will be able to use it is a continual reference. Just because you have watched it once, doesn't mean that you are finished with it. In fact, continual re-viewing enhances memory significantly. Treat the DVD itself like a Mind Map¨ and review it – or sections of it – at appropriate times, and you will keep what you have learned fresh in your mind.

Studying should be easy and fun!

Pass All Your Exams

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Study Smart, Get Ahead and ACE YOUR EXAMS!
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Lana's video is presented by a student, for students with an introduction by Tony Buzan. This award-winning video is enjoyable, effective and memorable. There are many examples of Mind Maps¨ and detailed demonstrations on exactly how to Mind Map¨ with pauses to allow you to practice your own technique.

Get your grades, and ACE YOUR EXAMS!

Available from Aulis Online
Running Time 60 mins approx
A Filmedia Production in Association with BrainPower for Kids Inc
Presented by Lana Israel
Introduction by Tony Buzan
Written by Lana Israel, Tony Buzan, Richard Carlyon
Produced by David S Percy
Directed by Sheldon Greenberg

Distributed from London – See The Belsize Story

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