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This course on DVD is based on the revolutionary learning concepts developed by the world expert Tony Buzan. Lana Israel demonstrates to students of all ages how to acquire the valuable skill of Mind Mapping. The DVD shows you how it works and how to apply this highly effective technique to your studies, revision and exam taking.

Tony Buzan Tony Buzan, the originator of Mind Mapping

Originated in the late 1960s by Tony Buzan, Mind Maps are now used by millions of people around the world from the very young to the very old by those wishing to use their brains more effectively.

Tony was the world's leading authority on the brain, learning and thinking skills. He is also advisor to governments, business and the professions. He is the originator of Mind Maps and Mind Mapping and lectures globally.

Tony Buzan Tony Buzan was the Chairman of The Brain Foundation, Founder of The Brain Trust, co-founder of the Mind Sports Olympiad and creator of the concept of Mental Literacy. Tony is past editor of the International Journal of MENSA (the high IQ Society) and is also the holder of the world's highest 'creativity IQ'. Among Members of the Young Presidents' Organization he has become affectionately known as 'Mr Brain'.

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Tony Buzan became an international media personality featuring in, presenting and co-producing many satellite broadcasts, TV, video and radio programs, including the record-breaking Use Your Head series (UK BBC TV); the Open Mind series (UK ITV); The Enchanted Loom a one-hour feature documentary on the brain; and numerous talk shows. His DVDs include Mindpower (see below) that teaches the concepts of Mind Mapping principally for business use, and which won a major IVCA award in Video Publishing.

As one of the world's best selling authors, his books include the classic Use Your Head which catapulted him to the position of BBC's number one selling international author. His other works include The Mind Map Book (with Barry Buzan) and the revolutionary Brain Smart Leader.

Tony was also an advisor to international Olympic coaches and athletes and to the British Olympic Rowing Squad as well as the British Olympic Chess Team. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Development and is an elected member of the International Council of Psychologists. Tony is a Member of the Institute of Directors, a Freeman of the City of London, as well as a Patron of the Young Entrepreneurs' Societies of both Cambridge and Bristol Universities.

Adding to his list of honours, including the Young Presidents' Organization Leadership Award, and membership of the 'Distinguished Faculty' of the Institute for Management Studies, was his recognition by EDS with the Eagle Catcher Award given to those who attempt the impossible and achieve it.

"Tony Buzan will do for the brain what Stephen Hawking did for the universe."
The Times

"The biggest name in memory."
The New Yorker

"Tony Buzan deserves a medal for coming up with the sanity-saving concept of Mind Maps, which make difficult mental tasks possible, even pleasurable...The system can be a lifesaver for children with dyslexia-type difficulties."
Time Out


Mind Mapping for Business Mindpower with Tony Buzan DVD

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Mindpower The Mindpower for Business Course is a complete guide to using Mind Maps in the workplace. Unlike traditional linear methods of note-taking and writing, Mind Maps reflect the way the brain works, allowing the right and left sides of the brain to work in unison. This produces impressively increased results in every human activity results that bring major pay-offs at individual and organizational levels.

Mindpower teaches the technique of Mind Mapping and a full range of applications for today's business. In this IVCA award-winning video course, Tony Buzan shows how to create and use Mind Maps to improve your performance, clarify your thinking and enhance your competitive advantage in the fast-moving world of commerce.

Mindpower for Business DVD
£16.99 plus P&H Europe
USA: $29.99 plus P&H
Available from Aulis Online
Running Time 40 mins approx
Produced by David S Percy
A Filmedia Communications Production

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Get your grades, and PASS ALL YOUR EXAMS!

Available from Aulis Online
Running Time 60 mins approx
A Filmedia Production in Association with BrainPower for Kids Inc
Presented by Lana Israel
Introduction by Tony Buzan
Written by Lana Israel, Tony Buzan, Richard Carlyon
Produced by David S Percy
Directed by Sheldon Greenberg

Distributed from London See The Belsize Story

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